Pregnancy Week 18: Important Information and Facts to learn

When a woman reaches her second semester of her pregnancy which means she is on her pregnancy week 18, there should be a numbers of changes both on her and the baby inside. In this pregnancy week 18, the baby will grow longer up to eight inches and also grow bigger into nearly five ounces. This makes him big enough for every would-be mom to feel every movement he makes such as rolling, twisting, punching as well as kicking around his mother’s womb. This would be something very special and amazing.

It is very important for every pregnant woman to learn about things she might experience and how to manage with that. In her pregnancy week 18, a woman will likely have to produce more blood for both her baby and her due to her increasing weight. To prevent you from getting any dizziness , avoid abrupt standing up and other quick movements.

The following are several common symptoms in pregnancy week 18:

- The movement of the fetal inside as has aforementioned.

- Leg cramps: you can help prevent such a cramp by performing calf stretching before sleep

- The changes in your skin, nail and hair: some pregnant women may get acne, redness or even eczema on their skin during this pregnancy week 18.

- Stretch marks: this is the most annoying thing for a woman that may cause countless numbers of them feeling so down. To help you relieve this problem, you can ask your husband to rub lotion over the belly while giving a slight message on it.

Being an educated would-be mom will be very beneficial to help you understand every stages you are going to face on your pregnancy. You can start it right now when you reach pregnancy week 18 and you will find all the joy and wonder of having a baby inside.

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